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Miyazaki 885-0052

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OPEN Year Round

※The opening hour depends on the store! Please check it out!!

​ tomato ra–men?

​What is

We import  organic tomatoes

from an Italian contracted farmer.

Tomato sauce is the most important

for our ramen so we simmer it

over long time.

We let it rest overnight 

and make it matured over one day. 

We make every ramen

after taking orders like pasta.

It takes time a bit but

we make perfect ramen for you.

Our motto is to cherish the local and to supply food safety for customers.

 So we buy vegetables directly

from local famers.

Komatsuda(Japanese mustard spinach)

is made by Kagoshima prefecture, Kanoya.

Organic long green onion

is made by Kagoshima prefecture, Kirishima.​

​ Celery is brought every morning

from Miyazaki prefecture, Miyakonojyo.

​Please enjoy fresh vegetables

with Tomato ramen!

The highlight of tomato ramen is

to choose your favorite toppings

from many choices.

​Please select your best toppings

depeding on how you feel!


​​”Ra-men is art”
​We always have this mind and try to serve the best quality ramen for customers. 
"Taste” is not coming from ingredients or seasoners but chef's mind.
We will do our best until we can give a strong impression on customers. 
​Safe and secure
​We curry out thorough quality and hygienic control
to provide food safety and security
for every customers.
We serve the perfect ramen by determining good ingredients and cook in clean space. 
It's normal thing but that's our philosophy and the secret to make tasty food.
We always value a relationship with people who worked with us since 2010 when we established our first shop 8 years ago.
​”Every encounter happens in a moment but it lasts forever”
We want to meet many people through our shops and that's our pleasure if they feel happy to work with us.
​We hope we could give a great impression on every customers.