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Miyazaki 885-0052

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OPEN Year Round

※The opening hour depends on the store! Please check it out!!

tomato ramen

Tomatoes iclude abundant lycopene and are expected prevention of cancer and lifestyle-related diseases.

And also, they are good for your skin.

We use 3 ripe organic tomatoes for one ramen.


There are lots of topping choices.

Please choose your favorite topping menu

and enjoy your original ramen!!

​※The picture is tomato-ramen which topped cheese(the most popular topping) and seasoned boiled egg​.

Fresh n' Tasty!



​Homemade  noodle
original wheat flour

We use only homemade noodles 

which made at our shop.

​It's been kept on evolving 

since our establishment.

Our noodle is made by wheat from Hokkaido and Miyazaki and it's thin.

We also blended soy milk and turmeric into the noodles.

Please enjoy the original noodle which you can only taste at our ramen shop!!

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