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OPEN Year Round

※The opening hour depends on the store! Please check it out!!


Kokubu store

August 31, 2017

This is store manager Kammizaka and assistant manager Okamoto! 

We have a great atomoshere in Kokubu store and also stuffs are working pleasantly.

Kamisaka and Okamoto are from Miyazaki but they moved to Kagoshima city for opening Kokubu store.

Kamizaka is humorist and gets respect from other staffs.

Okamoto is a wonderful dancer. He is good with details and gives n advices for staffs.

Kokubu store where these 2 guys are working must be perfect!

Please visit us and enjoy our tomato ramen!!

Bonch festival

August 05, 2017

​We attended Bonch festival in Miyazaki prefecture miyakonojyo-city in this year again.

It was planned on 5th of August but postponed on 11th due to typhoon. It was Bon holiday during the festival so every our stores are super busy but fortunately, we could join for that.

The place where we opened up was a bit difficult to find out but many people came to cheer for us.

We prepared totally different things with our normal tomato ramen.

We made our original bread with wheat which we always use for making our hoemade noodles and put 3 toppings from the most popular topping menu. 

We hope people enjoyed our food and sincerely appreciate everyone who visited us!!


July 31, 2017

The cold tomato ramen was completed!!

You can just taste it during hot summer.

We improved it compared with the last year's one. It contains seasonated-boiled egg, roast chicken, mixed onion, eggplant, cottage cheese and homemade basil sauce so it is very voluminous!!

We have only 5 meals in a day per store. Please try and enjoy it!!

Now Shintencho store also started TSUKEMEN!!

May 09, 2017

The much-loved Tsukemen is also served at Shintencho store!!

We also have spicy Tsukemen, basil Tsukemen except original Tsukemen. And also you can choose the size from extra-large portion, normal, and small portion. You can definitely top what you want. We have limited number for Tsukemen but please try it!


April 25, 2017

​We opened Shintencho-store on 26th of April. 

​Thank you for your lots of supports for us!! We are waiting for many Fukuoka citizens customers!! 

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